More classes at Artisan's Asylum!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who joined me for my Intro to Crochet and Sculptural Crochet workshops at Artisan's Asylum in March! They were lots of fun to teach, and I wanted to share a couple of examples of what students have made after the class and shared with me through the magic of the interwebs: this lovely exploration of hyperbolic geometry by Meghan:
And also a beautiful doll made by Sarah:
This project was freeformed according to Sarah's own design!

I'm running these classes again soon: the Intro class on Saturday, May 25, and the Sculptural one on Saturday, June 1.


Jessica Freed said…
Hello, I just posted on my blog about your Elements Of Sculptural Crochet. It is so cool looking and I had to make my own and share the crochet knowledge. Thanks for making it!

Jessica Freed
The Velvet Bow