Releasing Etsy patterns

Today, I'm closing my Etsy shop and releasing all the patterns there under a CC-BY license; you can download them here.

I'm grateful for the role this blog and shop have played over the last 9 years, especially as a fun and therapeutic hobby. Moreover, the sale of patterns and objects supplemented my stipend, meaning that the financial concerns facing most PhD students and postdocs were less pressing.

However, I'm starting a new position soon, prompting a rare desire to clean house, so to speak. Despite the fact that I have one more crochet project in the pipeline, this is obviously an area that's waning in terms of my attention, and it feels like the right time to wind down this operation. At the same time, I'd like to enable people to continue to have access to these patterns and to use them as they see fit.

So - enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for those beautiful patterns! I really appreciate your generosity.
Good luck with your new adventures!
Juliette Woods said…
I'd just like to thank you for your patterns. I took up crochet last year, and friends bought me your sea creature book for Christmas. The patterns there are not at all time-consuming, but I learnt a great deal very quickly about sculptural crochet concepts such as branching and curves. The book also led me to the Wertheims' book on hyperbolic crochet and to your own blog. I continue to learn more with every pattern.

I'm not a biologist, but an applied mathematician who has strayed into environmental science. Part of the joy for me has been revisiting the mathematics of shape and how that can reflect how organisms grow. Perhaps I should dig out my copy of On Growth and Form but actually read it this time.

Thanks again for sharing your insights.
Much obliged for a such wonderfull blog yours...!
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Unknown said…
Thank you for your patterns!
I've purchased a few over the years and had great fun with them, especially the squid.
Congratulations on completing school! Woo!
Smith John Live said…
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