Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Barnacle necklace

The trouble with making these individual "barnacles" (which are just like the "white coral" I've made in the past, except that they vary in diameter rather than height) is that they tend to collapse when they're very small. I am trying to devise a way to keep them open....

The crochet thread is very slick, and it's difficult to negotiate a stable knot. I ended up weaving one of the "tails" through the wall of the "barnacle" to meet the other, where I tied them in a knot. One of those resultant thread tails was then trimmed off, and the other used to sew the piece of the backing. Unlike the white coral, these little things seem to look better if the last row made is pointing up, rather than down at the backing.

I plan to wear this thing around for a little while before making any more to test the integrity. It's going to be like those Ikea commercials where the chair gets pounded 10,000 times a day with what looks like a battering ram/erotic machine.


Anonymous said...

I think this is gorgeous to!! If you should ever need a tester and/or someone to check the integrity of your jewelry, like this piece, (I'll liken it to the monkey jumping on the Samsonite luggage), feel free to contact me. You know I really like this. I can't wait for the pattern for the brown salamander and coral branch either. Keep up the great work!

missmeshell said...

I saw this necklace on wardrobe refashion and it's just beautiful! Stunning! =) Have fun testing it.