Thursday, June 28, 2007

Integrity verified

A couple weeks ago, I wrote that I was testing the integrity of a "barnacle necklace" design. I'm happy to report that it seems to be very strong, and I've since developed a new way to attach the bale with is sturdier and less obtrusive.

The knots of the embroidery floss braid and concealed inside two adjacent barnacles. The braid is fed through the back of the base to create the loop which a cord or chain can be passed through.

The more recent "specimens" of this type which I've been making have more widely varied diameters of each individual barnacle. I am starting, in some cases, with a chain of up to 18 stitches....

The particularly huge one you see in the pictures is extremely dense, and took forever to make. I am now using a spacing that would put only about 11 "buds" on a backing of this size, rather than the 17 shown here.


colleen said...

So, so lovely!

natasha said...

love this! love all of it!