Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tiny, tiny thread

I just started experimenting with size 10 crochet thread, done up with a steel hook. Coming from a crochet reference frame of WORSTED WEIGHT, this is totally mind blowing.

Did you ever, as a kid, have weird semi-hallucinations while you were almost asleep? I, for one, had the sense that I was flying, or growing or shrinking, so that my bed felt like an enormous prairie or my room was just a tiny little nest I could barely fit in. (They're called hypnagogic hallucinations, by the way, for the science dorks among us). They were definitely weird, but not scary or anything. As I got older, I had them less and less, and now not at all.

UNTIL CROCHETING THIS. I guess my brain was still telling me that all red yarn is worsted weight, and all hooks are G size, so my hands manipulating this size 10 thread must be huge. It was weird and fun.

I've turned this little branch frond into a pendant, and am thinking of making simpler ones for earrings. They would be great for that for me, since I always find earrings too heavy, but this coral is featherweight.


weaverknits said...

This is absolutely fantastic. I will certainly be following your blog as well as the offerings in your etsy shop!

shukr said...

I like.)