Sunday, December 9, 2007

Go stone cases

Go, pretty much the best strategy game of all time (and, perhaps relatedly, the only one in which human players can still beat the best computers), has very minimal physical requirements. You just need a grid and markers of two colors. Purists would argue that the materials and precise geometry of both is crucial to the experience, but people have taken the game to extreme permutations of these basic elements (for example, playing on a 3d meshwork)

So I felt comfortable improvising with one of the most popular go accouterments: the bowls from which the stones are taken.
The inside is fully lined so no raw edges are exposed. It's really just one extra-deep pocket of fabric, right side facing the go stones, with a wide "cuff" - the fold of which forms the drawstring casing, and the edge of which is handsewn onto the crochet shell. Notice the teal stitching (pathological, sewing machine threading laziness). Nevertheless, it felt good to crochet something so utilitarian (as a game-playing accessory?) for once.


meg said...

these are beautiful! I actually need some of these. My dad's go pieces are in pretty wooden bowls, but they are chipped and splitting. I totally understand the threading laziness--I have convinced myself that it's handmade chic to sew everything with white thread. But the blue thread with the grey fabric does look lovely.

Ambera said...

Lovely! I would carry them all day long if they were mine!