Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Primer on sculptural crochet

Now on SuperNaturale: an article I wrote which explains how anyone can use crochet to sculpt 3D forms. It is based on a cabinet of crochet "elements" I use for workshops (most recently, the Maker Faire), and it contains (too?) lengthy descriptions of how various combinations of stitches can be used to make more complex forms. Furthermore, there are little pseudo-patterns available for each one of the sample pieces, so you can create a cabinet of your own if you like, which might be a fun way to familiarize yourself with the techniques discussed. Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Daniel Yuhas said...

That's an awesome cabinet - and a great way to keep all your tricky moves organized! Thanks for sharing it.

Kim said...

This is so awesome! Would it be alright if I use your photo in a CrochetMe.com blog post about it?

Anna said...

freaking beautiful.

Séverine said...

Thanks a lot, j'adore ce cabinet (de curiosités-crochet)!
J'aime beaucoup ton univers également.


Jessica Polka said...


Of course!

And thanks also to Daniel, Anna, and Severine.

- Jessica

Jellibat said...

nice curio cabnet.

I just like to let you know the "cheat " stitch is called a herringbone half treble stitch (at least it is in the UK/Australia harmony 300 crochet stitches guide :)

in America its called a herringbone half double crochet :]

cherie said...

love this and would like to do something similar myself...my problem is getting nice little display cabinets (i'm crap with wood!)...hence why my hundreds of thimbles are just EVERYWHERE around my apartment - lol!

xx cherie xx

Valerie said...

Very well done. What a beautiful way to show how creative one can be with crochet. Your work is inspiring.