Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm proud to be a part of a lovely show in Portland at the Fontanelle Gallery, which I unfortunately won't have a chance to visit (but maybe you can!)

It's called A Hunter's Return To The Good Country, and runs from April 2nd - 30th. You can see the complete collection here, but here are two of my favorites:

Brieana Ruais
Wilderness Survival Kit For The Colonial Woman

Jessie Bean Goddman
Peace Bone


Patricia said...

That makes two of us who can't attend ;) I'm in Melbourne, Australia.

What's it like having stuff in a show you can't attend? I've been contemplating putting my stuff in shows in another state (Sydney, New South Wales).

Patricia said...

I'd also like to add: I love it! The way they have installed your exquisite work, the curating and the general installation and mood are spot on. It's the kind of show I'd visit then blog about and tell everyone I know because I get really excited about this sort of work. Congratulations :)

Denon Wunderk said...

Yes, congratulations! Fantastic works!

Denon Wunderk said...

I hope you do not mind if I put I link in my blog about this exhibition.

Jessica Polka said...

Denon - thank you, of course I do not mind!

And Patricia - thanks to you too. Packing your stuff into an envelope and mailing it off to some place you've never been requires a little bit of trust - but with good communication and clear terms, it doesn't worry me. It's exciting to see pictures and reports of the opening - a wonderful surprise, in this case!

Definitely go for it. :)