Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aztec Wunderkammer

I am probably not alone in acute National Geographic nostaliga - my parents subscribed when I was a kid, and I spent many happy hours mining through our stacks and stacks of gold-spined volumes. I just recently started a new subscription, and the first spread in the first issue I opened happened to be a glorious image, the 7th in this series, of an offering box containing thousands of objects, largely marine in origin, but still incredibly diverse. According to the accompanying article, the offerings were arranged in such a way that the relationship of each object to the other bears "cosmic significance." Please go look!


Paul Baxendale said...

WOW! It is amazing how vastly different cultures in vastly different times share a common reverence for nature's wonders! The huge coral, sawfish bill, man-made wonders, plant-based intoxicants... A true wunderkammer, and what a find! I can hardly believe there are even treasures like that left to be discovered in the world! Why didn't I become an archaeologist????
Thanks for sharing!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh yes that is amazing!! I love National Geographic as well and so do my boys....where would we be without our beloved books and reading?? :-)

Heidi in DF said...

Just last week I visited the museum where the Aztec Wunderkammer is...the ofrendas are one of the parts I like most about the Templo Mayor Museum and I was thrilled that there are new things to see only 7 years after my first visit there!