Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crocheted eukaryotic cell - with tutorial

 Not as exciting as bacteria, but lots of fun to make nevertheless.

The entire thing is worked up in worsted weight yarn: cotton for the nucleus, DNA, and mitochondria, acrylic for the ER, and wool for the cell membrane. I used a size G (US) hook.

If you want to make your own cell, here's a brief tutorial. You'll need to be able to make flat shapes (either intuitively as you crochet in the round, or with a modified...pot holder pattern I suppose).

Materials: Yarn needle, size G hook and worsted weight yarn in 5 colors.
Skills: Magic/double ring, single crochet, increases, and the ability to make a flat disc in the round by placing increases appropriately.

Cell membrane

Magic/double ring start. Crochet 14 rounds, making the membrane remain flat. Then crochet 2 rounds without any increases to form the "wall" of the cross section.

Magic/double ring start. Crochet five rounds, making the nucleus remain flat. Then crochet 2 rounds without any increases to form the "wall" of the cross section.

FUN PART! Loosely wind some yarn around your fingers and nestle it into the nucleus. Thread one loose end through a yarn needle and sew up and down through the nucleus, tacking the chromatin in place as you go. You can then sew the nucleus on to the membrane.

Made in three parts, and worked in rows instead of in the round. Chain 18, and crochet 2 rows on top of this. Repeat as above, starting with 15 chains, and then again with 11 chains. Using the loose ends, sew the long edge down parallel to the nucleus. Conceal the ends.

Make 3 or 4 of these as follows: Chain 4 and crochet in the farthest chain from hook to make a ring. Crochet in a spiral for 3 - 6 rounds and finish off, preferably on the same side of the mitochondria as your start point. Then use these ends to tie onto the cell membrane. Conceal the ends.