Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Workshops at Artisan's Asylum

Chris Devers -
I'm thrilled to announce I'll be teaching two classes at Artisan's Asylum next month! Artisan's is an incredible 40,000 square foot makerspace in Somerville, MA. As you can see from their website, crochet is just about the lowest-tech sculptural method that will be represented there!

Both classes will run on Saturday afternoons for 4 hours. The first class, on March 16, is an introduction to crochet - I'll teach you the basics of reading patterns, how to do simple stitches, and tips on yarn tension and form. Along the way, you'll make a jellyfish. The schedule will be as follows:

Introduction (30 minutes)
A brief presentation on the basic principles of crochet and what the medium can be used to make.
Hook and yarn position and tension, chaining (30 miinutes)
Students will learn how to make chains, the basis of all rows of crochet. These elemental strands will also form the tentacles for the jellyfish. Each student will get individualized help in mastering hook and yarn position and tension.
Single crochet and working in rows (20 minutes)
We’ll learn how to double back on our chains to single crochet. Foreshadowing sculptural techniques, we’ll use single crochet to build curly structures that will former the oral arms of the jellyfish.
Stitch height: double crochet and slip (20 minutes)
By repeating or omitting sub-sections of the single crochet stitch, we will generate stitches of different height to give our oral arms more shape.
Working in rounds (30 minutes)
Students will learn how to work in circles to start forming the bell of the jellyfish.
Increasing and decreasing (30 minutes)
We will see how increasing and decreasing can shape a 3D object as we finish the body of the jellyfish.
Finishing the jellyfish (20 minutes)
How to use yarn needles to attach pieces together and work in the ends to create a finished product!
Sign up for the introductory class here!

The second, on March 23, is more advanced - I will teach you how to break down almost any 3D object into elemental shapes that can be replicated with crochet, and then how to put them together to create a sculpture of your own design. The schedule will be as follows:

Introduction (30 minutes)A brief presentation on the sculptural potential of crochet, relevant stitches, and breakdown of elemental forms (physical examples will be on hand for reference throughout).
Planning/design (30 minutes)As a class, we will break down example objects (taken from the desired building goals of students) into simpler shapes, and decide on a method and order of construction.
Workshop (2.5 hours)Students will design an approach to fabricating an object of their choosing. The instructor will spend time individually with each student, demonstrating necessary techniques and providing feedback on form, design, and fabrication methods.
Demos (30 minutes)Students will informally present their prototypes, discuss design considerations and technical challenges, and provide feedback and plan modifications to their designs. The instructor will provide tips on writing up patterns for publication.

You can sign up for the sculptural class here!